• You serve the beer. We'll take care of answering the phone

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You serve the beer. We'll take care of answering the phone

You focus. We'll take care of answering the phone

You do what you have to do. We'll take care of answering the phone.

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Virtual. Assistant. Intelligent. Inexpensive.

Someone calls you on the phone but you can't answer.

Imagine Alexa doing it for you and asking for a booking time. Or Siri asking for her name and putting it in the contacts. Or Google Assistant that searches through your products to describe their characteristics.

Think about it, that's it, and much more. And it installs like any answering machine: it only answers when you can't, or don't want to.



Try it by calling +442039051051 (British English) or +12016441905 (American English)

The telephone remains the main means of booking, but at peak or closing times it is not always possible to answer.

PensaciTu allows you not to lose customers: receive a booking request notification, and respond in one click.


Three doctors, one person who answers the phone from 9 to 6. Phone busy, or no answer. Sound familiar?

PensaciTu can perform a first triage, receive an appointment request, forward the call in case of urgency.


You're in a meeting. You're in court. Or maybe you are sailing. You can't answer but you want a smart answering machine.

PensaciTu collects messages and sends them to you, transcribed, via email. Keep track of everything, and recover with a search.